Weekly Favorites (3.30.17) – Low-FODMAP Grocery Haul

1. What a week! I am SO ready for a relaxing weekend after two late nights this week with work events – one for fun, one for work. Both were great nights, but getting home at 8:30 one night and 8:15 the other has me WIPED. Okay, it could have been way worse had it been several hours later… but getting home at that time means I don’t relax as well, so I don’t fall asleep as early, and I still went to the gym the next morning = not a whole lot of (quality) sleep this week.

2. The diet has been going well! Okay, well based on the previously mentioned topic, not a lot of sleep means I ended up snacking a little more than I like to at night. At least I snacked on diet-friendly foods! Well… except for tonight. I did a quick stop at Trader Joe’s tonight on my way home and I regret buying potato chips. I had a bunch and now I feel yuck. I tossed the rest – not worth ruining my diet on impulse junk food!

3. Speaking of cheats, I ate the remainder of my bag of pistachios last night because I was starving once I got home from the work event which had no gluten-free food (womp womp). Pistachios (and cashews) = high-FODMAP. Pistachios and cashews = my go-to healthy/protein snack. But since I never thought it bothered me, I thought I’d give it a shot.

This morning my stomach was a little wonky, more so than usual when I’m eating correctly/low-FODMAP, but I’m not sure if it was the two glasses of wine OR the pistachios. In theory the wine was low-FODMAP, but not sure!

4. The wine was a success last night (I think)! Normally I have some stomach issues the morning after I have any alcohol, but none today! I’m thinking (hoping??!) that it’s because I tend to eat wheat foods if I’m out for drinks, where I might normally not, so maybe that’s where I get the morning after reaction from?! I’ll be testing this theory more very soon. 😉

5. I’m still figuring out easy foods to have on hand in case I get hungry. It still tends to be carbohydrate based foods since so much food is out. Check out #10 to see my food haul from last week via Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

6. I’ve been doing all sorts of research on natural remedies/supplements lately. It’s mostly been for digestive things and today it was about anti-aging. More to come on anti-aging/natural beauty routine swaps, but here’s what I’m thing right now in terms of digestion:

  • Probiotics: I was listening to The Chalene Show and she had a doctor on talking about metabolism, etc and one thing he said stuck out to me: you’re not supposed to be on a probiotic for more than two weeks. Take a listen to the two part series for more information on why, but it made a lot of sense. I usually go through spurts of taking them anyway, and right now I saw it was recommended not to take probiotics in the beginning phases of doing low-FODMAP.
  • Beano: Okay, this is a funny one! I don’t have the link anymore, but I found a blog listing recommended supplements for IBS (which I may or may not have). I wish I saved the link, but I took some notes down of what I thought made sense. One of them was Beano, which I proceeded to look up, and I had no idea that it was actually a digestive enzyme (rather than simply a heart burn medicine). All of the foods that it lists as helping to digest are all pretty much the foods I have issues with! My goal with this “diet” is to figure out what bothers me and avoid it because I’d rather solve my issues through dietary changes instead of relying on medication. Regardless, I have some social plans coming up that I might be hard to eat “perfect” (ie – eating out and hidden ingredients), so I bought some Beano today so I can take it as a precaution! Regardless, digestive enzymes are pricey and sold in health stores, so pretty cool that this is a mainstream one!
  • Lactase: I’ve always had this on-hand anyway since I’ve known I’ve been lactose intolerant for like 10 years now.
  • Amylase, Protease, Lipase, L-Glutamine: Apologies if I spelled any of these wrong, but these are additional supplements I plan on researching because they’re supposed to help break down some of the other food categories I (might) have issues with.
  • Lastly…

Low-FODMAP IBS Aloe Vera Drink Juice

7. Aloe Vera Juice! This is my new drink that I’m trying out. That same blog said that aloe vera can help with digestion. In researching I saw a lot of conflicting information, but I figured I could try it. Trader Joe’s sells a giant vat of it for not that much $$$, so I bought myself that and am mixing it with fresh lemonade and enjoying a glass at night.

Low-FODMAP IBS Aloe Vera Drink Juice

8. Check out this baby!

How to DIY Cheap Succulent Planter

Post coming soon! This project was a long time coming.

9. I scored some sweet deals at The Loft last weekend! I got some cute spring outfits that I’m obsessed with (these are NOT affiliate links!):

10. As hinted at above, I have my grocery haul from last weekend to share with you today.

Low FODMAP Grocery Haul Trader Joe's Whole Foods

I did the majority of my shopping at Trader Joe’s, but I did get a few things at Whole Foods as well.

Low FODMAP Grocery Haul Trader Joe's Whole Foods

  • Earth Balance – dairy free alternative to butter
  • Kerrygold Butter – for days I want quality butter
  • Snacks: Brown Rice Cakes, Dark Chocolate, Meringues
  • Brown Rice & Quinoa Pasta (since rice and quinoa have both agreed with me so far)
  • 3 Red Peppers & 1 Green Pepper for stir-fry lunches

Low FODMAP Grocery Haul Trader Joe's Whole Foods

  • Green Valley Organic Lactose Free Yogurt (Whole Foods) in several flavors – I’m loving the new whole milk vanilla!
  • Farmer’s Cow Lemonade in Strawberry Lemonade and Regular (Whole Foods)
  • Matchstick Carrots for stir-fry
  • Free Range Eggs (TJ’s has the best price! Hopefully they’re truly free range…)
  • Cantelope
  • Strawberries
  • Brown Rice Crackers for cheese & crackers (from Whole Foods) – I had to read the ingredients on every package because apparently a lot of rice crackers contain garlic powder?! Trader Joe’s brand had garlic powder.

Low FODMAP Grocery Haul Trader Joe's Whole Foods

  • Toasted Sesame Oil for stir-fry — this is SO GOOD
  • Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats for work snacks
  • Pre-cooked bacon for frittata (I had when my house smells like bacon…)
  • Edamame crackers (got more of these today! they didn’t last two sittings…)

Low FODMAP Grocery Haul Trader Joe's Whole Foods

  • Bok Choy for stir-fry form Whole Foods since TJ’s only had one bag of (mushy) baby bok choy left…
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Lactose Free Milk (normally I drink almond, cashew, or coconut milk… but those aren’t really recommended so alas I bought this)
  • Chocolate Almond Milk (drink this in moderation)

Low FODMAP Grocery Haul Trader Joe's Whole Foods


And there you go! Have a great weekend, y’all! Keep an eye out for some possible big changes coming to the blog, soon (hint hint).

xo Nadine

Low-FODMAP Monday in Meals

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope everyone had a great weekend – whether it was super busy, super relaxing, or super productive – and fingers crossed for a good week ahead!

I thought it’d be fun to do a Monday in Meals post, a feature I’ve seen posted on some of my favorite blogs and have always used to find inspiration.

And, since I’m following a low-FODMAP diet, you’ll see what I’m eating as I’m closing in on my third week following the plan. It’s a very evolving plan because I keep discovering what works for me and what absolutely does not work with me. This week I’m cutting back on corn products because I don’t think I was feeling my absolute best while eating them!

You should note that I eat pretty much the same exact thing every. single. day. for a week straight before mixing it up for the following week. I also try to follow intermittent fasting when I can, because I am trying to drop some holiday weight still, so you won’t see three big meals here.

Low-FODMAP Sample Day of Eats

8:15 AM

I like to get to work early, so after a few minutes of checking emails I pop my frittata in the microwave for 50 seconds. This week I made a batch for 5 breakfasts with 15 eggs and some chopped leftover bacon (+ s&p). Normally I just make it with 2 eggs per day, but I wanted some extra sustenance this week.

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP
Oldie but goody. My frittata didn’t look nearly as pretty AND didn’t include any peppers or tomatoes (or potatoes on the side!).
9:00 AM

I’m craving something sweet so I eat a banana.

10:00 AM

I’m feeling extra hungry today! I didn’t sleep well last night so = extra hungry. Boo. I eat a few strawberries.

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP

12:08 PM

Lunchtime! I was counting down the minutes until I could break open my lunch. The hungry monster is real, guys. This week lunch is a mix of jasmine rice and quinoa (Trader Joe’s frozen), bok choy, 3 red peppers + 1 green pepper, half a bag of matchstick carrots, sesame seeds, and chicken… sauteed and mixed with some tamari sauce (since it’s gluten-free), toasted sesame oil, and rice vinegar.

This is my re-introduction to some veggies, ones that are low-FODMAP, so we’ll see how those go!

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP

12:45 PM

I always crave something sweet after lunch, so I purposely brought in some chocolate almond milk for a hydrating & protein treat. I wanted the unsweetened kind, but this was all Trader Joe’s had (note to self: buy at Stop & Shop during next trip!).

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP

3:09 PM

Okay, I’m super hungry today and didn’t mean to snack this much. Crap! I forgot my lactose-free yogurt cups I bought over the weekend. I didn’t want this much straight up carbs, but rice cake (x2) it is!

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP

3:20 PM

Stillll hungry. 2 rice cakes = 120 calories. I have a sweet tooth and always want to pair something savory with something sweet. TJ’s Organic Brown Rice Marshmallow Treat it is! (100 calories)

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP

I really miss being able to have my snack packs of cashews (those were 210 calories), but those and pistachios (my two favorites) are both not low-FODMAP. I need to figure out what low-FODMAPs I can tolerate before I introduce some high-FODMAPs.

5:09 PM

One last *bonus* fueling before spin class. Enjoy that yogurt cup for a quick dose of protein.

Monday in Meals Low-FODMAP


xo Nadine