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About the Blogger

Hi there!

Nadine photoWelcome to my little space on the web. My name is Nadine, I’m 29, and I’ve been living in the Boston-area since 2013. I’m an Event Marketer by day – a job that allows me the ability to combine my interests and skills of marketing, event planning, graphic design, and writing.

I work in the city and live in the suburbs – I have the best of both worlds! I’m very active, both physically and socially, and I am very passionate about health and wellness. I love meal planning just as much as I love baking… which I avoid doing too often, because I’d eat it all myself!

About the Blog

I have been a long, LONG-time consumer of blogs – mostly in the healthy-living space – and have had experience writing blogs professionally. I first discovered blogs when I was in middle school, but became reacquainted prior to moving to Massachusetts as I used them to discover possible cities to relocate (fun fact: it was between Boston and Seattle!).

I went to college for digital design, but also earned a minor in journalism, so blogging has always seemed like a perfect fit. Between my education and my career, I am well versed in every aspect of launching a blog… but have spent several years trying to figure out my “voice”.

This past Friday, I watched President Trump’s inauguration intently and my fear for this President started to grow much more immensely. The fear began when he became a serious contender as a Presidential Candidate (and I saw his actions – such as his mocking of a disabled reporter moment during a rally), but that fear became much more real the night of the National Election when the unimaginable happened… and continued to grow as I saw questionable Cabinet nominations and false promises being made.

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 9:40 am (I remember the time because I proceeded to check the train schedules) I was browsing social media on my phone and it hit me how big of a deal that the Women’s March was going to be: the MBTA was facing major crowds and was doing the unheard of – sending extra Commuter Rail trains on a Saturday… when normally service on some lines is very infrequent! As a former daily Commuter Rail rider, this was just amazing to hear.

I had heard about the Boston March earlier in the week for the first time, but didn’t really know all that much about it – none of my current co-workers were talking about it and none of my close friends talked about it. But at 9:40 on Saturday, after I had returned home from my regular morning spin class, I realized that I wanted to be at this March – but at this point it was too late to shower and make it there in time.

So I did all that I could do, I stay glued to the TV the entire rest of the day and decided to become as informed as possible. The major networks weren’t covering the March, so I watched a mix of CNN and MSNBC (I would rank both as skewing a bit more liberal and kept this in mind while also stalking Twitter for more information from more middle of the line and reputable sources). And the fear grew in me. And I saw Sean Spicer’s (very angry and confrontational) Press Briefing, live, and became terrified for the right of the Press. And then I saw Kellyanne Conway’s interview on Meet the Press the next morning and heard her make her now-infamous “alternative facts” statement.

And I knew. I knew that I had to do something to support all of the missions that the Women’s March stood for: ending violence and standing up for reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, worker’s rights, civil rights, disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice. I believe in all of these and I needed to do something. And I knew that I found my voice.

It might seem like politics will be a focus on this blog, when in fact they will not. On this blog I plan on sharing some of my [political] views (backed up with legitimate sources). However, I will mainly focus on the things that matter most to me: health and wellness, travel, recipes, and general lifestyle – with some politics and suggested reading mixed in.

In terms of finding my voice, this election hasn’t necessarily helped me find my POLITICAL voice… but I think it has helped me find my voice that wants to speak to and for other women about things that spark hope and peace and an ambition to be the best humans we can be. Whether that be reading about my beauty routine… or reading some suggested resources to learn more about climate change so that YOU can form YOUR OWN opinion.

Thanks for reading!

xo Nadine